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The Line

An exploration and development of a much used motif in art throughout the ages. It achieved its high point in calligraphic linear expression found in the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow which reflect influences that originated in Saxon and Viking metalwork and bone and wood carving. Developed in parallel where the Celtic Crosses carved in stone. They further explored geometric designs, interlacing, parables from the gospels and zoomorphic designs.

The matrix of interlacing with its intricate and complicated structure and harmony of proportion reflects analysis at a very sophisticated level. This body of work is explored primarily in a two dimensional form.

In this theme of solid cast bronze sculptures there is a conscious effort to investigate the inter-relationship of linear structure in organic structure of expansion and contraction to create a fluid movement through spatial space. This concept lends to subliminal nuances of human experiences. The single line sculptures life through suggesting movement, yet returning to a previous position, never quite meeting, having once passed they point and its familiarity, moves on. The two-piece works reflect the entwining of separate identities, close almost crossing, yet singular. An interpretation of the three piece forms is to extend the theme into a community of shapes, dependant upon each other for stability, supporting in a proportional sense of achieve a feeling of ascent and aspiration.

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